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Your child will learn


  • To grow in confidence and to feel secure in the new environment
  • To work with other children and adults (working alongside others, sharing, taking turns) accepting differences
  • To communicate and express ideas and feelings
  • To accept new challenges
  • To control pencil, brush and scissors
    (to develop hand/eye co-ordination)
  • To develop pre-reading skills and the love and understanding of books
  • To use mathematical language
    (long, short, heavy, light, taller than, shorter than)
  • To explore possibilities
    (will it sink? Will it float? What will happen if?)
  • To examine the natural world (growing and living things)
  • To start to understand time and place
    (days of the week, yesterday, today and tomorrow)
  • To make their own decisions, to work towards independence
  • To practise their physical skills and have fun
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